Sunshine Testo

Testo Sunshine

You bring the sun out to make my love grow
To warm my life up

[You bring the sun out]
You're the reason that I'm living, I was hurting but I'm happy again
[You bring the sun out]
I was hurting but I'm happy again
[You bring the sun out]
Lord I wanna thank You 'cause
[You bring the sun out, to make my love grow, you bring the sun out]
You were there when I had nothing
You've been with me from beginning to end
[You bring the sun out]
No clouds in the sky, that's the reason why
[I Love You]

Verse I
Question number one [What can I do]
Question number two [What can I say]
To try to let You know [I appreciate, all of the ways You get me through my day]
Never would have thought [I would be here]
A heart with no scars [a face with no tears]
How can I thank You [how can I show You]
[Wish I could get the whole world to know You]

If they only knew [You are the one that gives me the air to breathe]
And see I can't deny that [You're the reason why my life has a melody]
And even when I stray [I still feel your grace pulling me close to You]
So no matter where You are, just know I'm not far [without You what would I do]


Verse 2

Question number three [where would I be]
And Lord not only that but [how could You see]
My days and my nights, the pains of my life
But now it's alright ['cause You worked it out for me]
You gave me a chance [when I had no chance]
When I needed help [You gave me your hand]
So now they need to see [just what You mean to me and if You ever left me [where would I be]

Repeat Channel
Repeat Chorus x2


I feel the sunlight on my life reminding me that it is alright
And I see the rainbow and I know my storm is finally passed away
There is a soft wind that begins to blow back the clouds
So I can see your perfect plan now I can hurry to my destiny