On my way Testo

Testo On my way

Vers 1

Flight 100 Going 10 Past 9

Got A Ticket In Myy Pocket And I`m Feeling Fine

Got A Lucky Charm Beside Me Wherever I go

And A Shining Star To Guide Me When My Heart Beats Show


I`m On My Way

I goz No Time To STay

I`m On My Way

I`ll Miss you eery day

Verse 2

One day I will come back to you

whit boxes full of stories and some memories too
no time no Distance will be tearing us apart

you are always with me you^re always in my heart


Im on my way

it`s agood good feeling

I`m on my way

i`ll come back to you

I`m on my way

It`s a good good feeling

I`m on my way

one day I`ll come back and stay

Repeat Chorus