The 12th Star Testo

Testo The 12th Star

"Gather round, my brothers
Gather close to me
For I had dreamt last night
And in my dream I see:

"11 stars surround me
Alongside sun and moon
I stand there in the midst
Your bowing will come soon"

"The dreamer crossed the line
His fatal sin of pride
All sins have consequences
For his arrogance he'll die"

"Have we turned to demons
So anxious for the kill
Although he had enraged us
Our brother he is still"

"In Goshen land
Where dreams prevail
Derived by hunger
They meet again

"So they see their brother's face
They can't recall their own disgrace
But he recalls, the dreamer sees
To repay with their own deeds

"In bursting years of sorrow
His anger overrides
Blaming them for theft
Deceiving them with lies
Imprisoning his brother
The youngest of them all
In a twisted quest for vengeance
His morality now falls"

"Through endless years of sorrow
They took away his son
As he awaits for darkness
Our story's yet not done"

"The presence now embracing
All that once was pure
As he reveals his secret
Eleven stars obscured"

[Solo: Yoni]
[Solo: Maoz]

"You cannot hide from sins
The cycle always turns
He who plays with fire
Forever shall be burned"

"You cannot hide from demons
Reaching from the past
What you take for granted
Presues you to your last"

"Although the bond's forsaken
The ties forever last."