Decaying Waste Testo

Testo Decaying Waste

(feat. Zak Elysia)

If words are lethal weapons you've run out of ammo
its the same old fucking same old
you need to calibrate to a new debate
the era of the police state
take a stand against the man
force fed lies down through your throat
until you choke on those words that you greedily spoke
a generation of blinded men
following every trend
their ignorance is beyond my own comprehension
the pressure wont stop chaotic tension
what are you living for if you cant speak your mind
don't be the one left behind
the decaying waste of mankind
two eyes you're still fucking blind
use your voice you have the choice
neutral will be the first to die, asking why
corrupt leaders of the masses
separating them into classes
rich or poor we all want more
if talk is cheap then the voiceless are cheap whores
refuse to use all force-fed lies
once a mindless slave
but buried fear into the grave
reload your words
don't follow the herd
a call to action we will be heard
a rock through every fuckers window
I rise like a crescendo
apathy has a placebo affect
I'll disconnect your head from your neck
you don't use it you fucking piece of shit
you make me fucking sick!