What If Testo

Testo What If

World was to end tomorrow
What would happen today
What if heaven was wrong
And hell was only destined when you dead and you gone
What if there was a day when
Nobody died, What if god was to open the sky,
What if outcha window sill
You saw it raining fire, ground opens and heaven falls into hell,
What if those two planes neva hit the world trade,
And my ex girls mom neva
miss dat train,
What if Osama bin Laden
was Sadam Huessien,
What if china was to send the \"A\" bomb are way,
What if I were dead or in Jail
But Whats the difference
What if I neva made it out
What if I was convicted,
What if that gun didnt jam,
What if I was a victim
What if I lived in Hollywood
and Had Tons of riches,
What if weed was legal,
And coke filled dimes bags cuz
Hustlers still gotta
Feed they people,
What if the devil
neva had an advocate
What if Kevo neva had an accident,
Asia's tsunami turned around and struck florida
And New York was the,
City that slept, and jersey smellt good, What if officers
Were look at as men
opposed to pigs,
And suicide bombers, What if
They chose to live,
What if the bibles hell raisen
And aids was a dont ask
Wont Tell Basis,
What if Obama decided
Not to do it,
What if I made eddie murphy laugh, What if I made nas
Bob to it,
What if Nastradamus was right
And 2012's the end of what no
one could promise,..Life,
What if Suge would of bullet proofed armored his ride,
What if B.I.G was never shot
What I bled to death
Instead of into Shock