Love Slave Testo

Testo Love Slave

[Knoc-Turn'Al & DJ Quik: Talking]
[K:] What up Quik?
[D:] 'Ey Knoc
[K:] What up?
[D:] I'm just trippin' off of how you sound to this beat, man!
It's like, it's that kinda shit that make niggaz in the street be like
damn! And the bitches like -

I'm just lookin' to have a good time and find some ass to grab
A nice bush to stab and hit, minus the bullshit, minus the two bit
Up her knowin' I'm ruthless and need of a good bitch
So independent, more than my mistress, more than to fuck
She comes, reopen the guest list
My bunny rabbit, most men want but can't have it
I'ma tap it, and get pornographic, it's automatic
She turns heads, everywhere she goes
Men that's young and old
And bisexuals, would like to go low
And deliver low blows and high off sex and no do's

I just need me a little good lovin'
Sex she wants but she wasn't my cousin
Sexually, she can be, so misleadin'
Secretly, between the sheets, and she's leadin'
My love slave (love slave)
Love slave (love slave)
Pretty skin, high yellow, dressed in all black leather
Up in the place, doin' the thing, amazing grace
Amazingly shakes ass and cakes
Dressed in drape and all lace, breakin' me off
Breakin' it down, breakin' a sweat, touchin' the ground
Up at the lounge, up at the club, and up at the spot
Up in the bathroom, living room, or out on the block
I won't stop, I won't quit, drinkin' a 5th
Bangin' some new shit from Dre & DJ Quik
Shakin' the miss fist & miss hit, call up the smile and fake tits
Hollywood and fakeness, good and greatness
Everything, a difference is, the difference is
In this bitch is, she ridin' dick
Up this place to be, playin' the game
Makin' the dame, ignorin' the fame, ignorin' the things
That make a dream and stressed out, simply plain
I maintain a main gain of material things


Thinkin' bout goin' home, freakin' the ho
Bringin' the drink, bringin' some dank and get on the floor
I'ma, rock it right and separate the men from mice
Live yo' life, fuck the limelight rap hype
Lookin' to have a good time by midnight
And get mines off and chill with a few dykes
Ready and willin', sorority pledgin'
Lessen them and breast be puttin' work in
Her man won't know when she craves what she do
When she ain't up in the club and she up in my room
I seen some guy for less, die for nothin'
Then seen some rest in peace over fuckin'
Stay in the place to be, doin' the same thing
Maintain my good game and things won't change
Niggaz is some timey, salty as one grain
I stay a G, and handle mine, stay out to get paid