I'm Da Man Freestyle Testo

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Testo I'm Da Man Freestyle

Y'all know what the fuck it is
Y'all know how the fuck I'm comin'
Yeah, 2019 shit, nigga
2020 shit
I'm already in 2020, nigga, turn up
I'm the man (Kpreme)
Inside my Backwood be like four grams (Dope)
Came in this bitch with 100 sticks just like the Taliban (Drrr)
All hundreds on me and they wrapped up in a rubber band (Flll, beep)
Can't tell me shit, bitch, I been the man
Better watch how I move, ride around with the contraband
I be lightin' up anywhere like it
All hundreds on me, bitch, I don't do the Abraham's (Flll, beep, beep)
All this ice on me, bitch, I feel like a snowman (Ice)
[?] so I don't fear no man (Bah)