The Mexican Testo

Testo The Mexican

When I saw the Mexican he was an old man in the desert
I didn’t see his face in the darkness but I saw his smile
He was so proud to be there
He was so proud to be travelling to the borderline

And while he was on the road he was writing a book
And the title was something like
“Did I fall down?”

When I saw the Mexican he was very tired
He was blooding under his skin
But he couldn’t talk very loud
He wasn’t very far from the borderline

And when he saw the big country
He said to me something like
“I’m fallin’down”

When I saw the Mexican he’d got a big big house
He’d got a horse and a car
He was waiting for his family from
From the other side of the borderline

And while he was waiting
He’s still writing his book
And the title is something like
“ I’m feeling fine”

I don’t need nobody, they can’t feel me,
they drill me, they teach me from crisp to bloods,
but I will grow, Start from ground zero,
sleep on soft pillows, No! First I hustle,
get up and face real dough.
Damn tired of letting my brain fucking with the idiot box,
just a period? Nope, that’s a serious prob.
I’m producing, not losin’ I’m choosin’ that I won’t lose it,
Still cruisin’, if you abuse me,
I strike back like Osama, check for your shit,
Prepare yourself from the drama, just woke up from the coma.
I’m doin’ non-stoppin’, no cruisin around the block,
Real focus on the clock,
Cuz time’s runnin’ and I’m watchin’
Got my 7 8 9 hours of work, you feel bro?
21 years on my back, and I still grow.
You don’t know my state on mind,
Cuz you heard it through the grapewine,
let it shine line for line.