Broken Tape Decks Testo

Testo Broken Tape Decks

Uh uh Jay
Hahaha that's how we roll
That's what we do, that's what we do
I know, I know, I know
Huh pi-pi-pi-pi-pi-pi-pi-pi-pi-pi-pi-pi-pink limousines y'all
Oh is he crazy?

[Verse 1:]
Oh shoot
I spend my money too fast (Hip-hop survivor, you know I get it live-r)
And when I'm playin' ball, still gettin' picked last (Move my words to the
beat like a cheap taxi driver)
But that's alright baby bubba, I be makin' some cash (My heroes are De Niro
Pacino, and MacGyver)
And you gon' call me Pigeon John and I'mma call ya not (Use my thoughts when
I spit, and I get deep like a diver) (oohwee!)
Hop up like a chimpanzee
Little ladies, wiggle and come see we
Little dribble the riddle in Symphony
Bouncin' on the waves in the great drum sea, ha
Cookbook, he be gettin' the freaks (every single day?)
No, every single week
See this is the song that makes your girlfriend dance
And if you don't buy my record I got my advance
So take a hike, jack

If you're bumpin' this in the kitchen, just cook
If you're watchin' us do it live, listen and look
If you're boogeyin' to the track then just do it, do it, do it, do it, do it
If you're bumpin' this in the tub, then just bathe
If you're bumpin' this while in traffic, just wait
If you're tryin' to finish your homework, just do it, do it, do it, do it
do it, uh

[Verse 2:]
How you gonna tell me Symphony's easy? (I was chillin' with my chick at the
Fox Hills mall)
Been workin' real hard, now I'm on TV fa' sheezy (Hot Dog on a Stick, now we
havin' a ball)
The reazy, is before I had a deazy (I know brothers gonna front, "What they
rappin' about?")
Me and John hit the stage, sharin' the good feazy (That's most likely why
you only hear the ???s shout)
Got milk?
How bout a beat that's smooth as silk?
And when I get a girl, I won't take her to the ???
And when I get a car, I'm gonna drive it
And floss it, if I have to toss it, I'll survive it
And when I make some money, I'mma ??? it
And when I see the subway, I'll ride it
And when I'm jumpin' cliffs, I hanglide it
You excited? (Yeah) Well, alright, alright


LA Symph
They doin' work again
They doin' work oh baby
They doin' work
LA Symph (I'm not feelin' that at all)
They doin' work again (I ain't feelin' that either man)
They doin' work (Aite, turn the beat off, man, turn it off, turn it off
watch this)

[Verse 3:]
Look, look, aiyo
You are now listenin' to the fisherman transition
When I bust you can trust every word with lust
Cuz I stay fresher than the rest of them cats
Who need to act like they want to win the wrestlin' match
And put the pen down
Bend sound frequencies frequently
Known to be the nicest
Precise with the mic gift
You think differently, ya just don't like it
Ya might get left, just like the hand that I write with