The Battle Testo

Testo The Battle

--Frost P! --Zuz. --SOV, Lady Sovereign. --Shystie! Yo, Medasyn star. Plus the prodigal son, Zuz Rock. Den, I will do. Yo. [FROST P] See I'm a man who only chats realness Be like most dese kids who chat sh*t S*ck record company dick. Frost P, I keep it gutter. Still bills I'm payin', still for meals I'm prayin' In the meanwhile, I stayed me and wait, De life ain't great, But's better than the jobs from state, For makin' it, mate, just a Q and A. Still ghetto wit de mind of a needle quicker than a cheetah, Draw nine millimeter up. Grab a man's chain If I get shifty, never in vain Ain't life, but I stay in de game Yeah the prodicial's the same "Ain't we all a little ?" Frame my brain to the game N*gga blow the whistle (tweet) [ZUZ ROC] Same issue, I move like a video on jerk. Steady, walk forward in my Timberland boots And I still ready to shoot, you need proof? Show it any time f*ck a label, I never get signed! More time, N*ggas wanna leave me behind. Tell me to put my name on de dotted line. Ya find, the way I am contracts to de street Come around, will you? In the last two weeks, you're too weak. I still represent Hays Town. Though it's my proximity, my boy face down. Murder mans, N*ggas fast like a greyhound Quick to run in the bank, and tell ya lay down. Style to the manner, got a place in the manor Like a .38, always come back to the man-ner. That's grammar. Use it punk, big like de clumps. You versus me equals my car trunk. [FROST P & ZUZ ROC] (x2) Lissen up -- Zuz, Frost P, eyes frosty, Dat Meda camp, kills MCs softly Like Lauren, we buy shots from foreign. And you don't wanna f*k wiv my side, fool [SHYSTIE & SOV] Yo, this is Shystie . . . Yeh, SOV, Lady Sovereign, and what Shystie. Let's take dese boys out, yah? I'm on it, boy-eh. . .Let's battle . . . Show dese guys what we're worth, rude boy, 'Cos I know, see, I can spit ... Let's show dem. A'right! [SOV] Yo, dere's suttin, I got one bad habit, When those streets step to me, I won't have it, 'Specially people like you and you an . . . Dat's okay, now when I come through Come up de light's in de low power, Remember de time when you got slaughtered, Beef? Cos' no, it's just an argument Words they is jerkin' in de House of Parliament. Wid out de words, wid out de verbs Little boys left on de kerb. People, lift dem up before dey get hurt. But their heart rate stop (beeep) When they have just learned Dat I'm above de flow Leave yer mind in high-low Like de center of a polo, push Can't enter his height when I'm so low, Yah, yeh don't know, so -- None a yer words can hurt me, fool. None a yer combacks mean f*k, fool. Nuffin' you say can hurt me, fool. I feel bad, pity for you. Rue the lack of sense. That's yer ish-ing dat does dis. Where yer car? harhar! A domestic life Devil promotion of sickness (hwack) I'll spit this Anyone listenin' is a witness. Helpless lady -- I never written dis. Let's get on wid de quick busi-ness. S.O.V. that darn lyricist can get us dis? -- No. Hup-two-three-four, I'm goin' to war, To win and leave the runner-up sore. (ow!) I'm raw, like uncooked meat, That's why I'm in de hole, Dat why I flak it, I'm a treat -- I'm deep. But my face looks sweet! Sweet enough to fool yeh 'bout my greed. Waltz it to where dem don't sleep, Yah, now creep! [SHYSTIE & SOV] (x2) Yo, lissen up to Sovereign and me, Shystie! The Meda camp's deep, and they never stopped we Spittin' lyrics in your face, you can't keep up de pace So you don't wanna f*k wiv our side, fool! [SHYSTIE] Ha! So, let's show dese boys what time it is. I'm showin' you, Dey don't know about how us gurrls spit, yeh. Let's show dem how we keep it real. Let's show dem what de deal is. Let's show dem what time it is. Shystie! Let's go! Oi! 'ey, lissen up, Don't get f*ked up I go through PMS, My mood swings leave N*ggas in a state of distress. I'm the lyrical Shakespeare thou shall never test Doesn't spit about a rattle man's chest Accordings to dese angles, if dere was a circle Yeh! -- play, boy, but I know my swivin' hurt you. I take you for a joke, so you get laffed at (haha) Yer a basic MC, boy. I'm done -- past it. Cos' my microphone sample is in de silence, Leaving, yeh suddenly need stabilizers. Yeh wanted to battle me like an idiot. But I'll show everyone (sure!) here dat yerr not ready yet. I'll leave you body wrapped, body bagged, in a closed hearse. Leff it in de church, can I really get worse? Cannot rilly know dat I jes silly caught, seen me But I'm still here, cos' I move like the wind. Goin' to make havoc -- spit til I choke. How could anyone ever better me for a joke. See de tick-tock? on de body clock, I put it on stop. If you wanna come and drop a lyric, there is no top. But if you had it, you still couldn't rhyme You still couldn't write (nah) in beat to dis time So you never get close enough to me to attack. You take two steps forward, but three steps back. Cos' I'm daily separatin' mens day out day in, Leaving them with no self-esteem, meditating and don't think of it, Unless its how I'll make you lose your confidence. Even how you spittin on dis track is never-never lan'. Your sh*t you. can't. spit. and. it's. better. dat. you. quit. leave. it. to Shystie. that. spits. hot toxic. but -- you member how we's doin' all? yeh! right! hah hah! [SHYSTIE & SOV] (x2) Yo, lissen up to Sovereign and me, Shystie! The Meda camp's deep, and they never stopped we Spittin' lyrics in your face, you can't keep up de pace So you don't wanna f*k wiv our side, fool! [FROST P] Yo! This is it! heh hah haa! The beef's kickin' off now! (s'fun now) Frost P! Bruce Grove N17. Z-U! Let's take down these dudd birds. (nice) Yo, I used both of dese girls mouth Like pick-up sex in a condom de beef is on. And your Miss Dynamite Impressions ain't botherin' no one. So thanks but nah. Get yer own slogan! Take that! Matter of fact, get off de track. I'm too classy to go back-to-back Wiv your average hood-rats. What you know about markin' yer game Up yer walls? Nuffin. Spittin crap at yer sympathizers. (nuffin!) Treat yeh frauds like Kit-Kat -- "Give 'em a break!" Cos' yer unknown and fake, Cos' yer bound to hate. Dey wanna beee like us!! (I know) But they're featherweight, And I'm a heavyweight. Eatin' MCs like ready-break. If that's the case, imagine what the skets get slapped. Quick and exit. (huh huh) And home it crept. Must be men! 'Cos you had the balls to steppin' into a rep But you get blazed off de set. Trust if you be Sovereign, I'm Benson and hedges Don't to trust get me like anesthetics. Even wif Gab's compressor, ya still sound lesser. So don't get it twisted, girls -- you aint better. Man, I take down your whole 'hood wiv my four wood. You hear de way I flow, and you really wish you could. Never dat! Too many rhymes, too many lines. For the amateurs like you, I ain't got de time. [FROST P & ZUZ ROC] (x2) Lissen up -- Zuz, Frost P, eyes frosty, Dat Meda camp, kills MCs softly Like Lauren, we buy shots from foreign. And you don't wanna f*k wiv my side, fool [ZUZ ROC] heh heh. Yah, dese gurls can't be serious! Frost, are these gurls serious, man? They better f*kin' reco'nize what time it is, Before we clean their clocks. R-O-C? -- yep. I spit sick rhymes, my styles Better den yours, times ten. I rhyme couple time, I punish you in line, You could never take Zuz for a spin. 'Cos this isn't nevah-nevah I'm tougher dan evah. My vendetta is simply payback Write lyrics wiv no pen, no paper. Hate-ers never prosper. (yep) So get lost like change down the sofa. Garage doesn't matter to me. 'Cos if Shystie is on battlin' me She's ready to see, R.O. is old school Like bullet-hole jeans (whew) -- when de bullet goes in I used to shop work to get a gold fing. For sure, I'm talkin', my fro's clean. Yo, my 'fro's clean, just like the po sheets Better listen up when R.O. speaks. So all of my worrds are hurrrtin' you. And yer both damn, sound like dudes. Why would not you got a better fing to do? Easily kill you hos, I won't lose. ZU-ZU! In the MC game, I put a lame MC to shame. You've only got yourself to blame. Tame your voice when you talk big my sh*t is real I kill your little kids like mornin'-after pills -- So chill. When you walked in, I met ends, it's not happenin'. I still strappin' my nine, I still rappin' part time. Lemme up, I take ye back de old ways. Ye don't wanna see me take it back to old days -- I favored Frost P like a maniac. (he's great) 'Cos I'm back, I show you where the f*ks izzat. I'm still one of a kind, win de war wiv me? Killed twenty-two (22.) MCs, Dem wanna make it twenty-three (23!). [FROST P & ZUZ ROC] (x2) Lissen up -- Zuz, Frost P, eyes frosty, Dat Meda camp, kills MCs softly Like Lauren, we buy shots from foreign. And you don't wanna f*k wiv my side, fool [SHYSTIE] I'll slew you, hands tied behind my fat*ss No lies, I will even close my eyes. Turn aroun', with my back faced In yer face, switch place. Spit my lyrics in yer face like mace. [SOV] Yo, my eyes -------- I pity de fool who will sell it Like dresser, uh huh. I be de midget in de middle Wot right about now (yo) But can you do a little? [FROST P] Rose, never stoppin'. I called de rolls, twenty years old. I still hop on the bus with a child bus pass. We ain't stoppin for queues we just rush past Educated, but yep, I still bunk class! [ZUZ ROC] See, I'm renegade. Roll wid de R.O.C., Plus, we fully stocked wid de nine milli 'Cos we hotter than the sahara desert Afta banned and a filly, I thug jacked Pokemon cards from kiddies. [SHYSTIE] A lotta people know Shystie de renegade, I keep gasses out de bottle, but it's not lemonade. So -- don't get twisted, 'cos I'm not Shy. Give a bad look, get a right hook in yer eye! [FROST P] Fat man dat man I pull scares like anthrax Leave a boy lookin, zip is lips wit' Tampax! Wit my accent, jack all de lime off de track. Make a used door sound like "Oh dear, Maxwell" [ZUZ ROC] Still -- Huffing and puffing and bluffing And not on a double to nuttin'. I doubled up when I f*d yer girlfriend, Double the trouble, when I doubled de barrel, R.O. dubbed it, so you won't be into lurin' [SOV] Yeh dont wanna look in my eye, fool! My lyrics see people dat cry, fool! Yeh'll see black and white, Like a black tie ball, so -- [ALL] **YOU DON'T WANNA F*CK WIV MY SIDE, FOOL**