Those Were The Days Testo

Testo Those Were The Days

We used to play jump the line,
Or who could wrap the swing around the frame the most times, back in the day,
Riding our bikes around the estate and playin' basketball in the cage, those were the days,
I remember them water fights, teh tap outside,
Used to race to it on our bikes.
Grinnin' with two front teeth missin', those days were alright.
Knock down ginger, knock knock then shift.
Two minutes later we got locked in the lift,
Laughin' when we got out,
Got into silly arguments about who found the pound on the ground,
Bopped to the shops bought about ten ice pops,
The weather was hot so they melted in our pockets,
Used to carry my belongings in them McDonalds bumbags.
That was back then so boy don't mock it.


Yeah, yeah.
Yo those were the days I will never forget.
Yeah, yeah.
Yo those were the days I could never regret.
Yeah, yeah.
Yo those were the days I will never forget.
Yeah, yeah.
Yo those were the days.

Used to race down the hill in old Safeway Trollets.
I wasn't indoors playing with Barbies or dollies,
I was outside jumpin' off walls or playin' football,
Or getting chased by the local pit bull,
The odd character that every borough had,
Mad Phillip, Gingerbeard, or Mad Max,
the faces you wouldn't wanna see when you're on your jacks,
In the places you wouldn't be in if you stuck to your packs,
Stayed out till it was pitch black,
Sprayed my name on concrete slabs,
And I never got bitch-slapped.
Seen a couple of mans get stabbed,
Been chased by the mad man,
Gotta get back so I can...
Catch joke with my next door neighbor,
We played the first Mortal Kombat on the Sega,
Playing the latest jungle tunes we had on cassette,
Those were the day I will never forget.


Remember naf naf jackets and spliffy jeans,
Adidas campus, them things were in,
It wasn't about the king of the bling,
It was the king of the rim, or the king of the swing.
Back then, well I kind has less.
But less was much better 'cause it saved a lot of stress.
I hung out in Coffers community center,
Now they've knocked it down and replaced it with an Asda.
My parents way of tellin us to get our backs in
was them sounding some old fucking claxon.
We're soldier marched back up to Redcliffe Walk,
Chalkhill Estate don't exist no more,
it's just talk.