Ladybird Testo

Testo Ladybird

Once there was a young girl
but old enough to know girl
went by the name of Ladybird

charmed you with the one hand
and broke you in the next hand
then she'd be gone out of your life

if you've got time (if you've got time)
and you're ever to change her mind (to change her mind)
you'll need more than a glass of wine
she's not that kind of girl

you'll never win (you'll never win)
'cause she leaves when you think you're in (think you're in)
doesn't care if it's her or him
she's not that kind of girl

mornings are the cruelest
no no, no, nothing more or less
just slept with the thought of Ladybird

everywhere you see her
her new possession with her
don't warn them they're not listening to you