Hey Now Testo

Testo Hey Now

Hey now where you gonna run to
Hey now how you gonna make it all okay
Where do you go from here
You want something to believe in
You just want what everybody else wants too
Why are you so scared

Hey now you know yourself
Better than anyone
Don't let them tell you it's all over
When you've just begun
They don't know how you feel
They don't know what your all about
Hey now...
Hey now...

This world gets a little crazy
Every now and then you wish it would just stop
So you could catch you breath
(You could catch you breath)
Hey now you don't have to worry
(Don't worry)
All you've ever dreamed is
There inside your heart
Don't you forget...


Hey now hey now (It's alright)
Don't let them see the tears you cry
Just keep on doing what you do
It's alright... It's alright
Hey (hey now hey now hey now)