Joyride Testo

Testo Joyride

In the fast lane, I'm crazy, insane
Wanna get real high on life
With you here by my side

We're getting faster than the speed of light
Soon you'll be seeing it through my eyes
We're passing all the world that's standing still
Ooh, we're goin' on a joyride
No speed limit in this moment
Got a few things on my mind
That I'd like to share with you

(See) things look clearer
From a rear view mirror
Yesterday is in the dust
We've got some travelin' to do


Everything we ever dreamed
Down this long and winding road
Could soon be ours
Who cares about the destination
Heaven only knows

Oh yeah, faster than the speed of light

I feel so alive and on the edge
Chasing all these dreams might seem illogical
I'm about to fly steppin' off the ledge
It's the only way to live it feels so radical