Final Oath Testo

Testo Final Oath

Counting endless tears of apssion
I spilled through my life
You, you are my obession
Nothing'll do us part

After the sun has shone
For one last time
After all life is gone
We'll still be bound
Not the wind that shakes the trees outside
Nor the sea can keep you from my side
Not the firestorm from which they hide
Nor the final endless night can break us

Words are too weak
To describe this spell
That'll endure forever
A never dying well

Deep in my heart
I see the future shining bright
As we walk together
Towards the brightest light

Pray ! for anger and dismay
Feelings i do pray
In the past i did betray
All my work before me lay
Seeing what the truth may bring
Living for the single thing
Living far away
For the future i do pray