Forgive Me Testo

Testo Forgive Me

All the dreams that I have had
They lie shattered on the floor
But I found waht I was searching
I have never wanted more

I am forced to leave this life behind
Your remaind behind the door
But our love stays in my heart
I have never wanted more
Please forgive me, but I have to leave
Stand up proud and show no grief
In this hour, I will pray
That we'll be joined again some day
Our love is stronger than the sun
And will still shine, when I am gone
I'm so afraid to cross this line
Please hold me for one last time

The marks I left, the deeds I' ve done
Will remind the world of me
Some hearts will bear my memory
I have never wanted more

Also these lines shall shine up high
To show the people who I've been
A loving man of pride and passion
I have never wanted more