Rain Testo

Testo Rain

When all my pain to rest was laid
The tears had dried, the changes made
And peace I found in loneliness
As gentle, caring emptiness

Old rituals gone, the past denied
To grave be laid the tears I cried
And find the strength to feel and see
The fate that lies ahead of me
The time has come to turn the tide
To break the bonds that years have tied
A time of change - A time of gain
To clean the soul with healing rain

Betrayal, lie, dishonesty
Of those who had surrounded me
Filled the emptiness inside
And took my honor, and my pride

And as my tongue spoke foreign words
And my hands did work, not mine
I stepped away from my own self
A puppet made by their design

I felt I had to clean their traces
crush their words, erase their faces
Kill their presence deep in me
To open my eyes to see