The Figure In The Mirror Testo

Testo The Figure In The Mirror

Every time you put this mask on your faceA little piece of your soul dies awayThe figure in the mirror's not meA different realityIt's just a picture that you seeFrom my true self, I do fleeWhat I feel and what I seeI do through eyes of an enemyForced by powers pushing meResulting in fear and miseryI change myself to fit the needs....During this Mutation ym heart bleedsTrying to adjust to SocietyNot anymore I want to be freeOnly a few could break the shellSurrounding my soul's polluted wellDrink from it and you will seeAll the pain that rests in meIt's like Pandora's boxWith a number of haunted locksThe one who sees deep insideknows all the feelings I do hideOnce you took a look inside of meYou decide between joy and miseryIf you abuse the things you know