Fourth Avenue Cafe Testo

Testo Fourth Avenue Cafe

*you're the one who told me the season'll end peacefully
colourful memories are brought back
goodbye to you the one who gives me love
you're wavering before my eyes

such a broken feeling
since beginning i never believed in them
as they could've been left in the shifting street

those people who now coming and leaving
i can feel them from distant
even in commotion fade
and then lost in my sigh

i look at your vacant seat
in the long boring vacation
your memories're ceasantly brought back to me

even i also know i pretend i don't notice
i've always been in my mind
i think of someone
her profile is so beautiful


now, how much more times
until you let me by your side
it's true that you cut short our time
in eve you should've told your love
but i know i'll able to bring back you to me
just like wave in the shore
and then i'll win your heart again
even now the town is peace
i'll write all persons' story
goodbye to you the one who gives me love
i scream to the distant sky
you're wavering before my eyes