Promised Land Testo

Testo Promised Land

[ladies and gentleman! let me tell you my story, what i've seen. according to the .... talked to my soul. and now we must reach out the promised land! ]

"flowers are blooming, flowers of many colours"
if you dream, please, 'cuz i'm fainting
"let's make it raining without an end"
but even you after all, when we die we'll be together

hungry wolves create false love
"come on believe in me"
the unending blaze advances
awakening too late means "goodbye"

"let's all bring peaceful love" ,isn't this words so strange ?
it can't be helped so there's no more future
fictive story is, yes, truly a wonderful reality
if it is so, immidiately, let's go to Mars

the history is a clear profile of strife, so
"come on believe in miracle"

wishes were reduced into ashes
in this world of endless ruin, to whom you'll devote yourself?
DEVIL's walk in the strawberry fields
the freshly squezed tears, please eat 'em
"aren't they tasted like honey ?"

[come to wonderland !!]