Forget You Testo

Testo Forget You

Imma Tell You A Story Here It Goes

Let Me Say This Face To Face
Before You Walk Away From Me
Listen Up Baby
You Know Things Aint Gunna Change
I Love You But She's In The Way
Where Does That Leave Me
Im A Mess So Wrapped Up In You
And Theres Nobody Else For Me
Gave My Heart I Am So Confused
But I Keep Telling Myself

Forget You
That's All I Wanna Do
I Gotta Face The Truth
Cause This Just Ain't No Good For Me
Forget You
I Really Wish I Could Get You Off My Mind
As Hard As I May Try I Cant Forget You

I Just Gotta Forget You

Bre Talk To Em
Baby Heres Where I Went Wrong
Thinkin I Could Have You
Even Though I Knew The Truth
You Were With Somebody Else
Don't Mean No Disrespect
But She Aint Got Nothing On Me
Im A Mess Wish That I Could Get Over
And I Keep Tellin Myself To


You And I Will Never Be
And Thats What Is Killing Me
The Thing For Me To Do Is Go And Find Somebody New
But That Wont Happen Till I Forget You


And That's The Story
Now You Know How I Feel
And That's All I Gotta Say