Afraid To Fall Testo

Testo Afraid To Fall

(Exclusive Target Bonus Track)

Wild flowers felt good beneath my feet
The wind blew tangles in my hair
As long as I remembered that blue eyed boy
Lived down the road
Until then I never noticed he was there
And he was like a storm at night
Keeping me awake
No one was gonna stop me then from
Runnin' in the rain

It was three a.m.
And the moon was bright
We'd sneak out and go for a ride
And we made love where the river
Meets the sky
He'd say things I'd never heard
And I'd hang on his every word
And in a perfect heat I gave him my all
I wasn't Afraid To Fall

Autumn leaves were breaking beneath my feet
And on my face I felt a tear
He said he didn't feel the way he did before
But somehow we were still there
I didn't want to lose him and
I knew my heart would break
But no one was gonna stop me then from tasting the pain

(repeat chorus)

I wouldn't change a single thing
With every touch a drop of rain

(repeat chorus)

I wasn't Afraid To Fall...
I wasn't Afraid To Fall...