Dirty South Thang Testo

Testo Dirty South Thang

(feat. Cousins & Friends)

[Lil' Ed]
Yeah, my alb, Da Souf Side, wit my cousins and friends,
I'ma let my youngest cousin do da chorus, Shawty, lets go

It ain't a game, the Dirty South thang, your a bitch who snitch and should be hang,
witout the game, you'll be the same, wit to many shame, you'll be framed,
You suck, can't even fuck, you saw a duck but couldn't stuck up, it ain't a game,
the Dirty South thang, south side, Dirty South, the Dirty South thang

[Small Jose]
I'm small Jose, without dudetes, you ain't shit, you can't hit, damn, you can't do dat,
only Lil' Flip could do dat, I got three hats, wit no facts, you want beef, you gotta earn by
wit yo' teeth, gots no beat, in the fuckin heat, i'ma take yo' head and break it, shake
it, fake it, and then rake it, you diss me off, I'ma take a shot, man its fuckin hot, you
think your better then me you gotta fuck wit me, you thank you saw someone dead,
bitch you don't have a head, I'ma stop rappin and let my other cousins & friends rap,
I have to crap

[Big Luiz (Lil' Ed)]
Big Luiz is here to kill the deer, wit some beer, you think your better, man you need
some cheddar, like Andre Wettah, wit Lil' Edda (Yeah), I lay on 32 beddas (Yeah),
your face is so big like my cousin Lil' Edda (Huh), you better fuck off Lil' Ed, sleepin
on king size beds, wit 3 teddy bears (hey shut up), wit 13 deady wears, wit 4 killa
bears, i'm 5ft. 11in., wit 350 bench presses, wit no increasin, you fools are like winnie
the fuck pooh, you got proof, you better get on the roof, gimme that toof, I'ma see you
in hell wit my dell
[Small Kyle]
Small Kyle is the best in the west (we gon kick your ass), why, oh, I mean Small Kyle
is the best in the South (Their we go), wit my big mouth, my chain is so big it could dig
and find a wig wit 3 twigs, you a bitch, you snitch, and you a hitch-hikers, I have 3
bikers, wit 13 snipaz, Small Kyle don't take shit from bitches like Deep Villain, he ain't
happy chillin, without pickle dillin, you like chips, you can't sip, you have to bring dip,
you better remember you fuck wit Chip Hillin


[Yung Rappa]
Yung Rappa, representin for the Dirty Dirty, wit Jim Hirty, you don't have ice bezeltyne
but you got Ice helpmytyne, wit Sean & Dean, Yung Rappa better then that bitch Deep
Villain, he ain't happy chillin, he representin the East Coast, I see ghost, they got flow,
wit no hoes, we saw 13 shows, i'm a friend of Lil' Ed king of the king size beds, wit
3 teddy bears, you drank, you smoke, have you ever heard of weed, gots no more
seed, your dick is so small, you have to use a stick to get it out

[Big HG]
Its Big to the H to the G, when I first met Lil' Ed I met him wit Lil' Matt, king of the big tat,
he had a big stat, they both rappin and I said can I rap wit you, if you ain't a bitch,
you ain't gon snitch right, Yeah, then we all rapped, we all stamped, wit no lamps,
hey a lamb, hey take out your cam, we could stand and be the best we could, my
dream was to become the greatest rappa, you can't tap wit me, you ain't a fact to me,
You better shut the fuck up and pay that stunt double

Shawty is here, for 13 beers, im the youngest, i'm barely 20 years old, you old bitches
can't fold, you told me an old fuck story, I got a little horny, and that was a borin story,
Come on come wit me, I'ma show the life of a playa, that came to be a balla, that same
thing came to be known as a calla, if you call me, I'ma go find yo' house, and then fuck
wit you, if yo' mom come in i'ma kill her, i'ma deal wit her, i'ma steal from her, i came
for your fuckin lil' face, and dealt wit her


[Lil' Ron]
the Lil' Ron is here, you havin a lil' fun dear, you got those lil' gunz flip, I got chips that
I can dip and then sip, you still tippin, you are flippin', my cousin Lil' Kenny, has no
Bentley, he is trippin, but the only shit he could do is fuck wit himself, by himself,
Lil' Ron is the best of havin a lot of fun, with those fuckin gunz, you think your better
then Lil' Ed, well that is true, you can't see no blue, you like D.J. Clue, B.J. Blue,
Well i'ma let that Lil' Bitchin Kenny rap now

[Lil' Kenny]
this is Lil' Kenny, Lil' Ron you ain't nothin but a stupid ass motherfuckin stunt double,
I rap better then you do, you fuck wit D.J. Clue, I'ma pull da trigga on you will die and
then fly, fly like a bitch wit no eyez, i'm out of sight, I twight as fast as I can, but Lil'
Ron can't flight, he is a motherfuckin stupid ass jackass stunt doublin fucker, he gon
remember what I say, when I used to have clay, at a day, when I stay, fuck you Lil'
Ron, one thing, you are a stupid ass motherfuckin jackass whore stunt doublin fucker

[Chris The Wist]
Chris the Wist is here, to fuck you bitchin fuckas, I got a gold canary diamonds on my
wrist, I gots to twist, you have a ring, do you have bling bling, like D.J. Bling, without
any tings, bitch, fucka, whore, you can't shit wit me, you could shit wit he or she,
I'm a friend of Lil' Ed, the king of king size beds, I'm a friend of Lil' Matt, the king of the
big tat, king of the big stat, what am I, the king of the wist (No King of the Bitches),
fuck you, I know you sleep wit 3 teddy bears Lil' Ed so I wouldn't be talkin


[Kevinized (Brothers)]
Kevinized is the best, hey Lil' Ron if you ever mess wit my brothers Small Kyle & Lil'
Kenny, I'ma diss you off (Yeah), only I am the one who disses my brothers off,
right brothers (Right), now shut the fuck up (Okay don't hurt us), you faggots, don't
got gaggets like me (Yeah), you bitches can't snitch like me (Right), can't fuck like me
(Right), you fuckers suck, duck, stuck, but can't puck out (Yeah)

[Lil' Flip]
If you ever diss me off, I'ma find you nigga, if you forget I'ma g, I'ma remind you nigga,
I got pimps on my team who will cut you up, I got pimps on my team who will fuck you
up, my P.I.M.P's could take you down and you'll be a bitch fucka, a ditch nucka, a
whore, you ain't shit, your mom ain't shit, your chain ain't shit, and your nothin but a
dumb ass fuck whore, your down wit me, you ain't a clown like me, you can't fuck
like me, your face ain't shit, your bitch ain't shit, and your nothin but a bitch

[Lil' Matt]
Hey i'm Lil' Matt, I'm a back on no scene, not the freestyle king, brand new piece,
I'm safe as a teen, i'm still sippin lean, still watchin scream, i'm hoppin on ferraris,
my house is 15 stories, i'm still independent like Lil' Flip cause Jive couldn't afford me,
the meetings were borin, for real I was snorin, the Vp was fine but she made me
kinda horny, but that is another story lets get back to the topic, right now me and Lil'
Ed negoiatin to buy the rockets, you name it, I done it, you see it, you own it, I own it,
this is for my homies, Pat and D.J. Screw, R.I.P. dawg cause I really miss you boy I'ma
stay true, until the day I fall east coast and west coast this is the fuckin way we ball

[Lil' Ed]
Lil' Ed the best of the best, the kings of king size beds, Lil' Matt king of the big tat,
Lil' Ed ain't afraid of bitches like you hoes, foes, and somtimes shows, you niggaz
are shit to me, y'all niggaz not like my family, you fucken jackasses will remember me
cause I taught you how to rap, FUCK Y'ALL