Swag So Mean Testo

Testo Swag So Mean

Getting fresh out the shower the flyest with swag all ya'll niggas can't drop me cause ya'll can't touch my swag I'm a real nigga back of a version of a trill nigga shut your azz up n put the gack in your mouth nigga this real shit that you can't feel this my nigga set the city on fire now you bout to feel this 900% percent swag blowed up in your fucking mouth beat your azz up n put 90 boozillaz in your mouth (ha nigga) keep it real is it ashame that you ain't got the game I was 8 yrs old and still taking over rappers names in the hood fans love me cause I throw it back they don't love ya'll cause ya'll ain't throwing shit bak I got it crunk in the club like I did before I'm a 2009 nigga gettin money like felle maygo niggaz always trippin on my mean I handle my fucking green nigga get off your fuckin azz and maybe you can have swag

Swag swag so much mean, swag swag so much mean, got green nigga got green nigga, I got so much swag that you can't see me, I got so much swag that you want to be me, my swag cost 50 gz, so if u want it pay that cost, my swag cost 50 gz, so if u want it pay that cost [x2]

They always saying that ain't got shit but they going pay the cost a G412 run your azz in the fucking river nigga I put that on my tage lable that as my swag you laughing to much you going be dead like a snake in the grass that's my angry temper 8480 you going be dead in your life like a fucking hero zero