Ooh Big Momma Testo

Testo Ooh Big Momma

Yeah, (yeah) yeah, (yeah) yeah, (yeah) yeah, (yeah) yeah, (yeah)
Yeah, (yeah) yeah, (yeah) yeah, (yeah) yeah, (yeah) yeah, (yeah)
Lil' Jon and them Eastside Boyz, alright, alright
Talkin' bout big momma, B.G momma, big momma

[Hook: x16]
Go big momma!, go ahead, go ahead

Uh, uh, uh, uh ooh, ah let's begin
Big momma comin' through better tell your friends
What that south like
That good country cookin' all day and night

She might be big but she can still go
To the dance floor to the back of our co'
Hey, don't talk no junk
Ya might get skunked with a mother gun, huh

If ya want to fight
Big momma knock ya out with one aight
It's all to the good
'Cause nobody watchin' over our neighborhood

But wait a minute
I came to get with sherry or bennett
Cause she so cute
And I love it when she wear them daisy dukes

[Hook: x16]
I was at a jam the other night
Seen big momma, she was lookin' tight
Iced out, grill in her mouth
Flake in her hair, representin' that south

On the floor she was shakin' that thang
Poppin' that thing, damn, twerkin' that thing
Big momma off the chain
She will show ya know shame cause she true to the game

And ya know she serious
And the way she bounce got a playa delirious
And I know she ready
Gotta dance so crunk even though she heafty

And when we left the club
I seen big momma's caddy sittin' on them dubs
And the trunk with the block beater
I was sittin' right behind her in the two-seater

[Hook: x16]

Ooh look at big momma, ooh big mama!
Big momma droppin' that thang, ooh big mama!
Big momma big and beautiful, ooh big mama!
Look at big momma with them daisy dukes, ooh big mama!

Big momma got on some jammies, ooh big mama!
Big momma what chu' talkin' bout, ooh big mama!
Big momma done gone off the top, ooh big mama!
Big momma you scare me, ooh big mama!

[Hook: x16]

Go ahead! (Repeat]