Real Nigga Role Call Testo

Testo Real Nigga Role Call

[Lil' Jon talking:]


Right about now (whats up)

It's time for the real nigga roll call

Now when you hear your city or state being called
You put your motherfuckin' middle finger up in this bitch

ATL, St. Louis, Alabahma, Chicago, The Carolina's, Naptown,

DC, The Bay Area, VA, Miami, New York niggas( U AIN'T KNOW?), texas


[Lil' Jon & Ice Cube:]

Ya'll niggas (pussy nigga) can't fuck wit my niggas ho!(pussy nigga) [x4]

Mothafuck that nigga! [x4]

Mothafuck that bitch! [x4]

[Lil' Jon:]

Ya'll Niggas!

Come on flexin' ass flauntin' ass niggas!

My Niggas!

Be some real ass trill ass niggas!

Ya'll niggas!

Be some ho ass pussy ass niggas!

My Niggas!

Be some head-bustin' gangsta ass niggas!

Ya'll Niggas!

Be some runnin' and scary ass niggas!

My Niggas!

Be some Roy Jones beat yo ass niggas!

Ya'll Niggas!

Be some cake and handcuffin' ass niggas!

My Niggas!

Be some "Send dem hoes out!" ass niggas!

Ya'll Niggas!

Be some tricking "Don't pay them hoes!" ass niggas!

My Niggas!

Be some Don Juan pimpin' ass niggas!

Ya'll Niggas!

Be some 22 havin' ass niggas!

My Niggas!

Be some choppa street sweepin' ass niggas!

Ya'll Niggas!

Them ol' half ounce sellin' ass niggas!

My Niggas!

Be some dirty bird movin' ass niggas!

Ya'll Niggas!

Be some kissin' security ass ass niggas!

My Niggas!

Fuck them hoes and let 'em know ass niggas!



[Ice Cube:]

See I'ma mean nigga

Youse afraid nigga

Ol' pretend nigga

Smile and grin nigga

I hate a false niggas

Diana Ross nigga

So if ya lost nigga

Meet tha boss nigga

He's a super nigga

Grin and groupa nigga

Act stupid nigga

I'll fuckin' nuke a nigga

Cuz youse a happy nigga

And ima nappy nigga

Fuckin' scrappy nigga

Meet ya pappy nigga

Its ice cube nigga

And lil jon nigga

So if ya drunk nigga

Keep it crunk nigga

To you punk nigga

Feel tha bump nigga

Get yo testifying ass in tha trunk nigga

You wanna tell nigga

I'll dump a shell nigga

Send a frail nigga

Str8 ta hell nigga

Thats ya shelter nigga

Helter Skelta nigga

And when I belt a nigga

Ya'll Help a NIGGA


[Lil Jon Talking:]


I see you and your lil click up in tha club nigga

I see ya'll niggas over there talkin' that shit

But you know what nigga

Bitch niggas get dealt wit motherfuckin' real quick! (Get 'em Cube!)

[Ice Cube:]

Here we come boy

Real niggas shoot ta kill betta run boy

Or you can tell me how I feel as a

Real nigga

Which nigga

Go get a bitch nigga

No better

Hoes better do what I say

Cuz I'm insane in tha brain

Bitch I got rick james in my veins

Real niggas never change

We just let it bang

Roll thru tha gutter lane

Daddy said let 'em hang

And cut 'em like its butter mayne

Skeet skeet skeet

Naw thats tha other mayne

Cuz my skeet never leak out that rubba mayne

T 'n A ain't worth a niggas DNA

That crazy bitch'll have ya ass off E&J

Fake niggas got these real bitches bein' gay

Til my peoples come around its like night and day

Now she wanna change her god and the way she pray

Authentic niggas all know thats tha playa way


[Lil Jon:]

We runnin this bitch Ya'll niggas ain't shit [2x]

We in tha club gettin' crunk You in tha club gettin' stomped [2x]

We in tha hood on tha block You in tha hood gettin' shot [2x]

We quick ta show you what we bout You quick to run ya fuckin' mouth [2x]

Wit Real niggas from tha east And we act a fuckin' beats [2x]

We gangsta niggas form the west Puttin' holes in ya vest [2x]

My midwest niggas hard Quick ta pull ya fuckin' card [2x]

And down south we set if off Blow ya fuckin' face off [2x]

(Real Nigga Roll Call!)