Rep Yo City Testo

Testo Rep Yo City

[Hook: Lil' Jon + (Petey Pablo) - 2X]
Rep yo city! Rep yo city! (Rep yo cityyyy!)
Rep yo city! Fuck that shit! (Rep yo cityyyy!)
Rep yo city! Rep yo city! (Rep yo cityyyy!)
Rep yo city! Fuck that shit! (Rep yo cityyyy!)

[Hook 2: Lil' Jon & The Eastside Boys]
My niggaz run this bitch! Nah hoe!
My niggaz run this bitch! Nah hoe!
My niggaz run this bitch! Nah hoe!
My niggaz run this bitch! Nah hoe!

[Lil' Jon - 2X]
Cut loose motherfucker, go bad go hard!
In the club motherfucker, go bad go hard!
In the truck motherfucker, go bad go hard!
Throw it up motherfucker, go bad go hard!

We 30 deep (30 deep) we bleed the block (bleed the block)
We milk the Ave. for damn near e'rythang the Ave. got (Ave. got)
We do the fools (do the fools) we act a nut (act a nut)
We set it off up in this bitch and tear the club up
What it do? What it is pimp juice?
We got a car with the cups in the trunk
For the thugs and the broads with the G-string drawers
up in here straight break it all off (break it all off)
Where the big dawgs at? What city or set ya claim?
Fame, X.O., several drinks of champagne
Hustlers in the game tryna maintain, lost ya chain
outta control, we so cold (so cold)
I'm on another level (another level)
Went head up with the devil (with the devil)
I never been a sucka (been a sucka)
I always been a rebel (been a rebel)
What's your stompin ground? (stompin ground)
What turf you from? (turf you from)
What's you city playboy (what's yo city?) mine 9-4-5-9-1
Vallejo! That's all I yell (that's all I yell)
Speakin of yea' I hope I never have to go back to slangin llello (slangin llello)
We fuckin around (fuckin around) like my niggaz out there in Oak Cliff D-Town
Puttin it down from my house all the way to yo' house
back to the fuckin south!

[Hook: 2X + Hook 2]

[Petey Pablo]
Could it be the way that I be reppin (WHYYY!) for my niggaz?
Could it be the way that Petey Petey (RIIDE!) for my niggaz?
Showin niggaz love (love) raise up motherfucker!
You need to be reachin down pullin yo God-damn shirt up, that's love!
Wherever you live, wherever you from, wherever you call your home
Wherever you lay yo' God-damn Kangol down motherfucker!
Wherever you cheddar cheese, churn cream, lick that butter
Wherever yo' ass got lots of fat for all that God-damn trunk
Y'all niggaz don't understand the seriousness of what Petey be sayin
I took a unknown piece land (and planted) a God-damn flag!
Say I didn't (DID!) motherfucker I'd die for this
I done my God-damn thang, I brought my folks in this somma bitch
Hot Atlanta! The Bay Area!
Y'all niggaz don't want no noise (noise!) with Lil' Jon & The Eastside Boys
(Boys!) Y'all niggaz don't want no shit (shit) with E-40 & The Click
(The Click) And you can say whatchu want homeboy
(homeboy) I'll always be the one that ill!

[Hook: 2X + Hook 2]

[Bun B]
From the land of the trill, where the vanity's real
And yo man'll be peeled or at least branded, God-damnit we ill
More horror than "Amityville", no sorrow; hand me the steel
Your tomorrow I can't even feel - oughta be plannin ya will
UGK ain't dropped in a while, but still we stoppin ya smile
Keepin boppers in file, standin on top of the pile
And you'll get popped with a smile, this ain't bout shoppin and style
This bout syrup and candy paint, you see us choppin for miles
Out the black and the 'Lac, swingers clap and if they take yo' flax
You'll get smacked for your packs, paper stacks and you'll crack-back yo' back
Hold up, they got game to sell ya, from drugs to paraphenalia
Gun that'll never fail ya, ask Rollie B, he'll tell ya

Memph', Tenn representer (uhh) Orange Mile nigga (yeah)
Symbol of the south, legendary rhyme spitter (uh-huh)
From Memphis to Mississippi, deep off in the woods (uhh)
From A-T-L to M-I-A, deep off in the hood (yeah)
Twankies on coupes (yeah) money-makin sluts (what)
You trippin if ya ain't got 22's on ya trucks
Dogs in the yard (yeah) pistol on the seat (uhh)
Sticky rolled up for them blunt monkey freaks
My nigga Earl hollered (whassup) big Ball got it poppin (that's right)
Smoked me a couple, hit the studio and dropped it
For all my dawgs who keep it G and keep it crunk
Represent yo' city, let 'em know where you from

[Hook + Hook 2]