One On One Testo

Testo One On One

(feat. Ying Yang Twins)

[Intro: Lil' Jon]
This your boy Lil' Jon
I'm here to tell you
With another one
Here we go, here we go
Well, I got DJ Smurf, D-Roc and Kaine
Here to tell you this is gangster music and booty shakin' music
What we call it is that gangster party
If y'all ready for that gangster party, let me see you put your hands together
Put your hands together for D-Roc and Kaine and DJ Smurf
Next time a red neck put a pistol down...

[Verse 1: D-Roc, Kaine]

Nigga killer, bitch you ain't heard of the Ying Yang Twins soldiers
Nigga I tried, I told you
We put it down coming right back, 'cause it's like that, on a phat track
with a fat sack
D-Roc and Kaine, ready for combat
Ying Yang, Inglewood, that's our home
It could be on, we ready for war so let's get it on
Plus we maintain, put one in your brain
We keep shit real, DJ Smurf straight thuggin' and knocking out grills man

[Kaine (D-Roc)]
Here we come so fuck the whole flow
Ying Yang Twins kicking in your door
Everybody better hit the floor
Give me the weed and out you'll go
Bad kids on a dead-end street
Told Smurf to get the keys to the Jeep
Three niggaz only goddam free
If you fronting, get put to sleep
Infrared beam over your skull
Give me the shit - I won't kill your girl
Fuck that bitch and fuck the world
(Man, what you saying nigga?) fuck the world!
Man, I'm down 'cause it's all in the game
D-Roc and Kaine, that Ying Yang Twins
Then go bring some pain
Nigga gone tilt it down on they brain

[Chorus x3: Ying Yang Twins]
Fuck that one
I got my Nina gun pistol!
Down on they brain

[Verse 2: D-Roc]
I make you wanna pop that thing girl when the bass drop
The D-Roc make you wanna pop the glock, it don't stop
Smurf be an alcoholic
I love these hoes, thank God for hydraulics (wooo!)
That's the sound of the ghetto
Arrive down here, be darker than the cattle
Oh no, nigga watch your nose
'Cause you'll get hit by hoes that spit flows and prose
Strictly coming niggaz that hoe
A thug that tight is what your boy chose
The niggaz I sell the drugs
The ghetto type hold the world it's for thugs
So all my flows, yeah, your boy loves
College Park in the house watch 'em up
When shit hit the fan we fight dirty
And send y'all weak motherfuckers to bed early

[Chorus: Ying Yang Twins]

[Verse 3: Kaine, (D-Roc)]
Nigga fuck it, quit it before you get put on your back with a pistol - down
on your brain
Recognize the Ying Yang Twins (in the game, cocking in)
Ying Yang Inglewood soldiers only cocking in
Fuss or that one on one 'cause I got my pistol
(Ying Yang don't take shit!) we make this motherfucker whistle
D-Roc, Kaine, DJ Smurf, we bring it straight pimping
(Fuck that one on one!), put the pistol down on they brain

[Chorus: Ying Yang Twins]