Teflon Testo

Testo Teflon

Ya know, we gon start this thang off like this here man
There's a lot of talking out here, I've been rapping a long time man
That's right H-Town my city, Houston Texas
Y'all make me stand proud for the name, that I'm the Young Don
This year I'm changing my name, 0-5/0-6 put Houston on my back
Letting everybody know, I'm standing up for the city
It ain't done without me, the Teflon Don

[Lil' Keke]
I'm a go-getter, that means I get it and go
Let me do a underground, let me rock me a show
Let me write a 16, pick a thoed ass beat
Bout to jot down some heat, and then smother the street
But at 18, I was getting it by the gram
My daddy told me, even a trash can get a ham
Grinding and scratching, doubling and matching
Betting with big chips so, who wants some action
Hustlers, gangstas, cut throats and killers
Felons, rapists, ex-cons and dealers
I serve up pshycos, white hoes and vatos
You put it in your pipe, lace your vein or your nose
8100 block, it'a well known crack spot
Rocks in the socks, when you punks play hop-scotch
Betting rapping getting mine's, since the game begin
Icon, C.M.G. and we playing to win

[Hook x2]
Niggaz feel my pain, niggaz feel my thrust
If they push me to the edge, I'll be forced to bust
They can shoot they can fire, but I will not run
Cause my name is Don Ke, my game is teflon

[Lil' Keke]
Capital T-E-F-L-O-N, I sin
I'm a grown ass man, this is now that was then
Raised in the streets, where the vaulters prey
I'll confess all my sins, when it's judgment day
Got a click of killer niggaz, that be itching to click
Got a black .45, if they keep riding my dick
I can throw up right now, cause my game is sick
And my music got more chops, than a Bruce Lee flick
I'm the Teflon Don, like I'm Gotti and shit
And my lyrics mob-style, let my pen do a hit
My niggaz be in the Penn, screaming blast for me
I can make a whole brick, with a half a ki
Niggaz hating everyday, it don't make no sense
But if it don't make dollars, it don't make no cents
So it's money by the ton, for the fam and the son
And don't forget the young Don, is so teflon

[Hook x2]

C.M.G. is definitely in the building mayn
You know I'm tal'n bout, Custom Made Gangstaz mayn
You got to be born like this here
I'm talking to all my G's, on the block man
That's packing them thangs, banging hard you know I'm tal'n bout
Cut this shit up mayn