Can You Hear Me Now? Testo

Testo Can You Hear Me Now?

[Kim] Can you hear me now?[Lil' Kim]All of a sudden, everybody wan' bang with usDon't they know them Gotti kids are dangerous?Come come now, y'all need to stopNiggaz better hold they head 'fore they body rockI got, soldiers in every townThat'll come see y'all like "Black Hawk Down"I ain't playin with you motherfuckers(RAAAAAAID!) I'm sprayin you motherfuckersIf gettin money is a crime, then I confessAin't about money? I could care lessWhen you see us comin know it's time to collectNiggaz be like, "Here come the IRS!"Kick down doors, shoot through wallsQueen Bee's a movement, fight for the causeGot a bite that's bigger than "Jaws"With or without my boys, I still make noise[Chorus: Missy Elliott]New York - when Kim say, "Can you hear me now?"That's when y'all turn it upMidwest - when Kim say, "Can you hear me now?"That's when y'all burn it upL.A. - when Kim say, "Can you hear me now?"Y'all make them cars jumpDirty South - when Kim say, "Can you hear me now?"That's when y'all get it crunk![Lil' Kim]My last album, some of y'all wasn't ready for itAlright, I slow it up, put the brakes on for yaI know what I'm doin, I ain't losin my mindI'm just so advanced I'm ahead of my timeYou all stuck at the back, I'm ahead of the lineEven in the dark, I'm still gon' shineYou'll see what I mean in 2009I kick outer space raps - ILL RHYMESLive guitars, nigga fuck carsI'm tryin to buy a spaceship to get to MarsLook out the window, and reach for the starsIt's a new day, Lil' Kim's in chargeGot a big dick, I'll bone you outLike money in the bank, loan you outIf you ain't straight I'll comb you outLil' Kim and Scott Storch be zonin out![Chorus][Lil' Kim]Ain't wanna do it, but now I got to pop my collarYou actin like y'all real tough act to followI got medallions the size of a half a dollarAnd about to buy my best friend a beauty parlorI know y'all don't wanna see Kim on topPlease stop worryin about what I gotWhat the fuck y'all know about the {?} I rockWhen I'm cookin, keep your hands out my potThem boys ain't bad and ain't no bitch greaterStop tryin to use me as a respiratorI'm the same bitch on the escalatorAnd I still ain't got no time for you fuckin hatersI might start my day at Piarage'Or with a Mafia meetin at the Brooklyn Cafe"Okay, y'all wanna play?"Like 9/11, you gon' remember this day[Chorus][Missy]New York - "Can you hear me now?"Midwest - "Can you hear me now?"L.A. - "Can you hear me now?"Dirty South - "Can you hear me now?""Can you hear me now?"