Fuck You Testo

Testo Fuck You


F you This for the hoes that hate
pardon my french I juss wanna say F you
This is for them snakes that smile in ya face
Pardon my french but I juss wanna say F you
Go ahead tell them why you mad bcuz u broke and you sad bcuz I aint no body tryna F you
So I just wanna say F.U.C.K you

Verse 1

Does my sexyness offend you.
You hoes aint Friends but they try to pretend too.
Snakes in the grass tryna strick against you Tell them why you made cause I'm fly like jet blue
They even try to go through what I've been through
They need to catch up bcuz there in my rear view
I kick a bitch ass in my jimmy cho shoes
but you aint even worth sweating out my hair do. I tell them
Screw you bitch go to hell you say my name tryna get ya shit to sell
Even though ya girl been away
Got low like chapelle
I'm back in the club got everybody yellin F you

Verse 2:
Go head tell them why you mad what you spend on ya rent I spend on my Louie Bag
I'm high class shopping on 5th Ave you keep the tag in ya cloths so you can take it back Mad cuz you broke and you tryna for a fix
what You want my autograph then you wanna take a flick
They them why you mad cause you lookin real pissed
Jeliousy is a diease and you looking real sick
Need to see a doc ya girl on top
A lot Bitches want my spot but I got it on lock
Head to the bank imma give it non stop
lil play it in the spot have everybody sayin

Verse 3:
Kim real I'm juss sayin what I feel
You hoes faker than a 3 dollar bill

the only time you gettin burn is when you on the tradmail
illll its like they always on there period
tell them why you mad yo tell them why your furious
you chicks crack me up don't nobody take u serious
I laugh at em they eddie murphy dilirious
Listen here don't me hate the person in the mirror
The queen keep that fake ass shit from over here
Everybody put ya middle finger in the air and we gunna tell them hater