Spend A Mill Testo

Testo Spend A Mill

You say you love me well boy you must prove it
Benz chris brown maybach's six dueces
You know I love the stones no I don't mean zodiac
Diamonds are a girls best friend where my homie's at

Love a rich boyfriend nothin can compare to him
American expressess' african american
Yeah, and I don't even gotta ask for gifts
Ups real ballers send me packages
Cop mad models in the club oh you ballin' hard
So he won't mind when I max out the credit card
Just like in the bed boy your wallet gotta last now
Copy cat fab and tell em throw it in the bag

Spend a million bucks
You ain't did nothin' till u spend a million bucks
You ain't seen nothin till you spend a million bucks
You ain't ballin' nothin till you pull out the cash and splurge on my ass [x2]

Spend a million bucks yeah presidents how they greet me
Honeysuckle, that's what he taste when he eat me
If your money counts low then ya can't talk
Need ya bank account bigga than my fans hearts

Yeah, and lil kim is like a landmark
Spend it all that's the more you stand for
Yeah I know you nigga's like to front a lot
That's why I need the ghost phontom with the diamond top