Welcome To Texas (T.i. Diss) Testo

Testo Welcome To Texas (T.i. Diss)

[Dj Quiztid Rhymez]
Welcome to Texas mothafuckas
Where you niggaz will see Mexicans
Why niggaz hatin when you see one
I'm a Mexican niggaz don't be hatin
But then niggaz have to eat jellin
Welcome to Texas mothafuckas
This is where rappers live
Like dat nigga pussy ass Jive
He like to eat hives
He already has his knives
Hey you hater motherfuckers dick ass niggaz puss ass niggaz
You ive that hobo alone
I'ma kick your ass pussy ass niggaz
I live alone mothafuckas, I didn't have dickasuckas
Fuck dat nigga if he ain't livin in Texas and Houston
I represent Houston and Tha Dirty South nigga
Don't ever mess wit us
Don't ever mess wit Texas
I ain't at Wisconstin
You a pussy ass nigga bitch

[Lil' Matt]
This is Lil' Matt nigga
The king of the biggest tat
The king of the biggest stat
What are you king of bitches
Have you ever seen a bitch snitch nigga
Cause that's you nigga
Have you seen a nigga pull tha trigga
Have you seen my westsider friend Willy Wooh Wigga
Have you seen Stray nigga
I'ma ask the Westside Connection nigga
Welcome to Texas mothafuckas where rappers live nigga
If you don't live in Texas or Houston you a bitch
Like dat pussy ass nigga T.I., he don't live anywhere
Hey T.I. you suck, Lil' Flip is better
Hey T.I. you can't fuck, your mama is better nigga
Don't ever mess Texas mothafucka
Then that's when we gon pull tha gat on you, even rat on you
Some niggaz don't even put a tat on you nigga
That's why you ain't good T.I.
Nigga you need three fives
T.I. is a nigga but he don't have no friends, he a aloner bitch
Watch out T.I. gon snitch
Fuck dat nigga T.I. he ain't great but I know he's afraid nigga

[Dj Quiztid Rhymez]
Welcome to Texas mothafuckas
Where T.I. don't live
He's like Jive
He like eatin hives
Fuck dat nigga T.I. he ain't a good friend
Welcome to his world where he a girl
And his name is Pearl nigga
You a bitch been a bitch still a bitch
You niggaz can't fuck with a snitch bitch
I'ma leave this bitch alone cause he's cryin to his mother - fucker nigga