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Testo No Issues

Now bitch let's get tight back to business
They start it I'ma finish
It's just me Quez and Leeke, we got that .40 all in Lenox
Told them if a nigga get to trippin' leave his brains right by the fitted
The hardest nigga out my city ain't nobody fuckin' with me
But I meant that being humble, real rap this ain't no mumble
PJ might drop next summer already picked my baby momma
Until then I'ma keep these condoms and some shit
With a clip that's shape like commas
So run up you get stretched just like the rest who 'bout that drama
Heard the trap back open what you need, molly, pills or weed?
Just pull up on a nigga out east so hot make sure you clean
Still hit the south that shit be sweet on 103rd might meet a freak
Make sure she creep 'cause if it's sweet then we gone slide down moncrief
Niggas ain't never slide down my street, I wasn't worried, I never cared
They know my granny was sittin' right there in that chair sayin' prayers
A nigga slide then that's death DOA knock out his breath
'Cause we got shooters cross these streets and we got choppers up these stairs
And that's on God, bitch, I ain't lying, I can do this without even trying
Told them play blind 'cause they don't wanna see me shine and grind
Since 2016 I been in my prime
I was stuck in them trenches but made it out I guess that shit was perfect timing
I'm that nigga don't need the diamonds
Don't need the watch I told them watch
I'll say fuck it and hit the block, I'll say fuck it then drop the top
You don't wanna beef 'cause niggas droppin' especially not 'bout no thot
'Cause it's already getting hot and she already eating cock in here
Brodie got his Glock in here, I say "Go it ain't no stopping him"
Shaquille it ain't no blocking him
Shit real, they say niggas getting killed behind Lil Poppa them
My brother hit the curve and make a serve say he got rocks on him
The early birds get the worm so he say motherfucker the cops and them
Them youngins got Russian choppas on them ain't never keft America
I had to leave the bitch alone sh got to tweaking talking marriage
And I'ma get this money and fuck on London ain't talking Paris
Fuck 'em up buy another pair 'cause that's some shit that I don't cherish
Heard the opps smoke like swishers these niggas don't want no issues
Tryna put a nigga on a picture, it's a G on every pistol
On percs and weed, don't need no liquor, I'll probaly never forgive him
So we gone turn him to a victim him and whoever with him
I just said my prayers I'm feeling great, finna roll me up some wait
You know they want me to watch what I say
How many J's you smoked? eight
How many pills you on? 'bout four
Finna pop four more, bitch, that's eight
Besides the bullshit life's great, I can enter the heaven gates off my face
And I'm loaded, she say "Pull up" I say "Bitch, I'm on my way"
I heard that bitch home hope she got her dick on when they knock off her face
And they been scoping know these youngins 'round me roguish
Young and ready and hoping tryna bust his head wide open
Say I'm slept on but I ain't trippin' I'ma keep grindin' until I'm notice
Real is rare and I'm one of the rare fuck Higgs I'm chosen no more errors
Name another nigga harder than me in this era
Bar for bar, fuck all the likes, comments and shares
You ain't never looked down that barrow make a nigga tuck his tail
Pressure been applied bond got denied that's that shit that made you tell
But free my niggas in them systems I can't wait to y'all here
Slick jumped and I missed 'em only up from here this our year
Ain't no nigga breathing I'll fear brand new Glock with the extra gear
Aye, Twin hot say he tryna go get him a extra tear I'm like "Twin stop"
He just quiet don't think he a bitch 'cause he really not
For the love of Kim these niggas don't know nothing but spin blocks