Back @ It Testo

Testo Back @ It

I gotta sleep with that 40
I gotta pee with that 40
No cap

Come on
Iceburg big quill, we turn the motherfucking temperature
Please don’t think shit sweet cause we signed us a deal, get yo ass hit with that Dillinger
Walk in the bank they already knowing us
Check, cleared we sign our signature
Niggas switch up, they faded right out of the picture
Me and my brother, stuck together forever
New spot new car everyday brand new cheddar championship
We popping like Bel-Air, gotta thank God
Boy the whole squad doing better
Heart so cold neck frozer then frigid air
Gotta lot of money but the hood niggas still there
Still on that bullshit no nigga get no spare
We passing these hoes I swear we don’t care

Bout dey feelings cause we drop the top on ceiling
Double R hit the gas cost a cool quarter million
Alexander McQueen just to push start ignition
Got the emerald cut on the bitch, it got 3D dimension
And free my dawg meek he got three different sentences
Gang started back and they put me against it
Iceberg got the Glock with the beam and extensions
Give a fuck what you heard 'cause you see I be getting it
Hoe, Tom Ford on my frames I can't see out my lenses
So many bands in my pants and they D&G like really, bitch
Shit it get deep in these trenches, get beat out your britches, G
No cap, you never seen me with 50s
Know better the trap at the phone keep on ringing
Two double G fits, came from 15 at Lennox
He better not start cause my youngin gone finish it
Nigga want smoke, cause they gotta treat me like a chimney

Niggas so hot when I stop got 'em asking for pictures
Niggas so black like a pastor I look like a bachelor
Spot got a hundred hoes in
No I’m not worry bout a nigga that hatin if they want it, know I shoot like my name Cole Bennet
So many hundred on hundreds on top each other
They bust out my motherfuckin' skinnies
They ask about Quill, no I don’t know where he at
He somewhere counting up a Milli
You know that’s my blood, my twin We identical
We fucking on twins they say they biological
I was on block now they see me on articles
Right on her knees, that’s where your daughter go
Blow him away leave no particles
I don’t got no top on this auto-mo
Ice berg colder then Antarctica
Big body, let's valet park it

So many pounds in back feel like I just then grew me a garden
We private jet, we departed
I got yo bitch, she get naughty
We rolling weed and I’m for it
I’m on the beat I won’t sleep till the morning
Double C on my feet, Louis V on my garment
He, ain’t bout that shit he rappin' bout
We never seen him in 'partments
G wagon seats in the rarri
We just got paid to go party
Invest that bag in my shortys
I keep that carbine not arguing
I’m going sleep with that 40
I gotta pee with that 40
I’m in the meeting with that 40
Rock custom made drip, not no Nautica
Times Square price so I land in LaGuardia
Let’s get it