Freestyle Testo

Testo Freestyle

Ha, you know what I'm sayin'? Haha, cool (TD go all the way up)
Hmm, ha, [?], yuh, ha, ya dig? Haha, huh?
Ha, huh, ha, huh, yeah, huh
Huh, uh, haha
Yeah, yeah, yeah, let's go

Came from rags to the riches
They whack it around (Rocks), with a Glock, with a gun (Glocks), and it's cocked (Ok)
All of my pendings be hittin'
My alteration really feindin' (Clicks), free gang out the box (On god)
Nigga poppin' shit in my city
I really made a quarter milli', didn't get it from wop (Pack, huh? Naw)
Nigga really push his choppa trade
And this nigga really feminine (Pussy ass), man finna pop (Let's go)
Started from beginning (Start), thug with a top (Top)
It in my kidney (Yeah), no weed in this joint (Damn)
This nigga see me (Huh?), get that boy shot (Yes)
We gettin' cheese, I don't care what they thought (Gettin' some)
All them keep thе block spinnin' [?] (Spinnin')
Water, wet on my wrist, get 'еm drownin' (Huh?)
Florida, Miami, chillin', I'm vibin' (What?)
Louis, in the hood, pocket five-thousand (Let's go)
You see my yak, niggas itchy-itch just like a virus
Man, I manifest bread, now I'm shoppin' for houses
She can't come 'round unless she tryna arouse me (No)
Big body cars on the E-Way, I'm drivin'
Ho tryna get it, I'm up, never loungin'
Heard nigga still broke his foot, hang grouchy
Hittin' every spot, mama tell me I'm wildin'
Grown money, why your money lookin' childish
Here for lieutenant, the man like the county
Hustle the penis, took her to a ally
Her husband and auntie were workin' on smilin'
This the sign of the kids steady pilin'
I'm fire, hot like a hairdryer (Hot)
Be ready, huh, I'm drivin' (Not)
Socially beefin', huh, [?]
We can go run that boy down to the projects (Let's go)
Nigga really leavin' in private, huh
Now that leave me to my sidekick (That leave me)
Watch this, now we goin' up on this hot shit (Goin' up)
Fast shit, sticks get you wet, not no pad, bitch (Huh, huh?)
Ball like Kareem, this truck, he livin' free (He livin' free)
Now we kickin' the cup when I didn't even drink (Huh?)
Make this bitch hit the bush, she didn't even suck the meat (Huh?)
And it's stuck when it's up, only thing I can think
I pray 'bout them shooters, ain't cover the safe
If it ain't Glock .45, this ain't cullinan crease
Huh, we don't click up when we in the street
Family man, but I still send a B-L-I-T-Z

Haha, on god