The Projects Testo

Testo The Projects

in this rapgame, its al about fame.

in this rapgame

(# beat starts)


in the projects life is hell so ring ring the doorbell

12 years old, shot dead a hot one in the head

its a problem the world doesn't understand

don't cry tears let's hold hands

this is serious

little kids only make it till junior high

this is so thight don't be blind push the light or fight

the rasicm.
i rememeber a day when i was a lil boy

i didn't see pain or war only joy

getting older i saw the tragedy

oh beautiful mama don't you see the drama

my people murderd and dead

theire body's full of ledd

i trust no one, the only man i trusted is gone

shot and lying in the gutter

don't cry or stutter

nobody believes this story, but ive got my own glory

in this dark dark days, there are no ways

how would the world be without war

i don't no cauz i only see war and i dont see no shining star

in the bright light, we must fight, for our right

chorus: (2 x)

pain, love , murder that's what i see

in the projects (projects) uhha

so let me be ME

that's the key

in the projects (projects)