U Can't Shine Like Me Testo

Testo U Can't Shine Like Me

Are you serious man
The ice in the chain man the ice in the watch
They must not know who I be
We got the hood Preston in the building

Don't start none wont be none 3x
He's back

You cant shine like me
Wanna ride like me
Pull dimes like me if you aint from the streets
Ima hood star you know who im is I rock big ice you cant live how I live [2x]

[verse 1]

10 karats on my ear loves check
Bbs is on my wrist
20 karats on my neck
While you'll sliding in that little bity o6 vet
Im waiting on the runway for my g4 jet

Imahead of the thing you see your boys got next
Did a little bit of acting just to stack a few checks

I aint gotta remind you'll how the game go
Im the youngest with a clothing line first wit a TV show

I aint in the pros and I got three black cards
Call the saints over they gone practice in the backyard

I do it big guess you say im just the best at it
Had a mil early man I been learned my mathmatics

Oh oh 02 cop them 06
Boy stop stunting if I wanted i could have your chick

Don't get it twisted Richey rich so gutta
Yous a mommas boy im the son of a hustla


[verse 2]

You se me im so fly and im different from them other brothers
Only sixteen and I don't live home wit motha
I keep it real don't believe you can ask my brother
Kids popping in grillz then they think they getting tougher
They try to take of they shirts and aint getting buffer
Im Benching 180 and that's just wit one muscle

I see dudes trying to act like me
Be like me
Dawg even dress like me (NO)

You're not me and there wont be another
Skip that let me get to the jewels and the covenant

So many rocks on my hand, im a certified hustla
Got a wizard on your hands kinda like caron butler

Who me I just learn from the best, hood star down south
Wit a mansion on the west

I got a Bentley that I don't even drive and I just bought a phantom
Just to see how it ride


[verse 3]

Young e check the six time zone
Throw away your little jewelry all that fake rhinestone

My ride home cause its the me in the range
Don't have to window-shop boy look at the ice in the chain

Check the paint color boy it consistently change
Me and my big brother paid
Man we changing the game

Little ice on my neck im so country and gutta
Im ah hood star rich boy #1 hustla

[verse 4]

Im the bent gt with heavy metal on the seat
I lose the roof on 22s canary yellow in my teeth

You dudes slow I don't ever see you'll caching up with me
You way below the sea level me im stepping on the beach

No reach im ahead of you my house is all mommas kool aid in a water fountain cost bout three thousand thousands listen

Im thugging man you know how im rocking
And keep me mo dimes than john Stockton

[chorus out]