Give You The World Testo

Testo Give You The World

I said hey baby girl, how you feelin
I know ya feelin good, look at the way you livin
I know ya lovin an lovin a lifestyle
Bad stars, spendin money by the pile
Don't wanna see you sad baby I wanna see you smile
Stay the night an ask cause we been doin it for a while
And you my baby girl
So when I give it to ya I'm a give you the world

When she come to Hollywood
Lemme show you how I'm livin
That just one of my houses with the 20 ft ceiling
Marble on the floors, granite on the countertops
Now look up in the garage
They wanna counter drop
Now here ya go the keys
Now let's get on the jet
Lessons for the world
No time to pay a check
Tell ya parents we gonna call when we in Jamaica
And when you get back, you gonna be by the paper
How bout another girl just so you can ride by me
The doom Mosaradi with the wide body
You my baby girl, so you can have whatever
Welcome to the palace, this one runs forever
Big money, all kinds of bank cards
For recognition put your name on the bank card
200 acres put your valley in the back yard
They left the haters off all you can prolly stand guard

Now we been doin this for a while
So I know you gotta thing for me
I promise right what you deserve
So I got it for ya
You the one in my life
Ain't got no secret lover
They tell you rumors
Cause they don't wanna see us together
You can have whatever you like
Just throw it in the bag cause you just livin that life
Girl you ain't gotta bargin so don't look at the price
What ya think about that I know you lovin your life
Baby girl, it's all on you
We can go to Portorico or just chill at the zoo
Watch the tigers in a battle, the birds fly in the air
We can go to the beach and watch sand get in your hair
Take a flight or sail along the beach
Walk up to the palace make sure you wipe your feet
And you my baby girl
So when I give it to ya I'm gonna give you the world


Now tell me, do you really know what love is?
A lot of hatin, a lot of paper but you still here
A specail date that we should have every year
Like Valentines Day, it's all the love here
Like my cards it's always kiss and hugs
You my girl so you know I know what's up
And for that specail date baby I'm gonna buy you a ring
20 k in that thing, I watch that thing bling
Mention to my family, yes I gotta do the same
Just like a couple date we wear the same thing
You gonna be an RN nice game plane
Sound like you wanna be on top of the food chain
You like to cook, I like to eat
Where I see you can't tell
You love me because of me not cause of my meal
I'm gonna be the boss of treal yea the main jail
Kiss me through the phone whenever I ain't there