We Gonna Lean Testo

Testo We Gonna Lean

[Lil' Flip talking]yeah, Lil' Flip puttin it down wit Lil' TroyR. Dis, back to ballin nah what I'm sayinDown South we gonn' lean thoughI dont know what y'all do but ugh...[Chorus 2X]We gonn' lean to the leftWe gonn' lean to the rightWe gonn' lean both waysYa better give us some room![Lil' Flip]Well... I'm leanin to the left I'm gone off that drankWell I'm leanin to the right I'm gone off that dankI like green do-do with no seedsI wear cardio I threw away my RoleyYou know me I keep rollin up the block rocksFrozen in my watch hoes holdin by my dropI'm in tha parkin lot tryna find a parkin spotMy trunk popped up I dont care if its dark or notI'm ballin hot but my grill so iceyI'm ridin candy paint but my wheels so priceyI'm wearin Nike from my head to my feetBaguettes on my teeth carvette candy peachwith DVD's I'm watchin Scary Movie 2Jammin DJ Screw, HPG's & C-brewCause I'm tearin it up nigga I can do datWhen I pull up kids sayin where's your roof at?[Chorus] - 2X[R. Dis]We gon' shop we gon' pop get crunk it won't stopBack back you in my space, you know I need some room to rockMove over on man it's just somethin I do overGet wilder if you was eatin I would knock ya food overI'm tryna set it off dogg and you all up in hereGimme some room before I bump ya and you all in my earI'ma tell you somethin back fore' there's a fight up in hereI got all my boys with me I'm aight up in hereI aint tryna be rude I'm jus' mean like thatPopped up thirty-deep - I hit the scene like thatEverybody - why? Cause I'm clean like thatI swear on my nose - why? Cause I'm mean like thatI'm rockin arenas - why!? Cause my shows like thatI stay starched down - why? Cause my clothes like thatThen get back to leanin why? Cause I'm throwed like that[Chorus][R. Dis]What, what, what, what mayn we crankin it up!We gon' buy the bar tonight and we drankin it upPuttin smoke in the air we stankin it up y'allKnow me who I am say my name R. DDDDIIISSSS!I'ma roll I'ma crawl I'ma knock down wallsI'ma asshole somebody help me get out my drawersWe gon' ride we gon' drive we gon' swerve we wreckersOff the chain we puttin it down we gon' lean for TexasI'm fantastic my music mo flow but I'm chillinHit the block and make a killin big car no ceilingDon't let me hear a song that I'm feelin Screw tapeI'ma ball I'ma shake I'm holler eeeaaarrrttthhh qqquuuaakkkeee!!(eeaarrtthh qquuaakkee!) Pass me a sweet so I can blaze it upClick then keep the lighter lit then raise it upIf you standin too close I dont know whom is whombut I'm bout to go off you better give me some room![Chorus] - repeat to end