L'impératrice Testo

Testo L'impératrice

Introducing his royal flyness
The classic with the passion of something drastic of spoken highness
Where love prevails in closed spaces of donjons tales
Depending to the well of core vibrance
Reaching the youth for a catastrophe
Proud to be a humble king of her majesty
A former love that can't loose
To special inherited crown jewels
Wars worn in the soul is where the battle'll be
Let the people speak now
Get the message across seas now
To say the messenger pack and hit now
Warmin' up the soul of the masses
We speak melodic classes
From verses of the book on how to get down
Show your rhyme
With the essence of something holy-like
Touching the soul, body and the mind
To manifest the image of a vivid astonishing beautiful empress
Worthy to abide to with some pride
Show your rhyme

All hail the kingdom of the groove
With good folks and good tunes
Ain't scared to move, have a ball is what I dare to do
Heating up like cooked food
Rise and fall, back and forth
Drawing a young feeling much to free
Touch to be as much as I can feel
Still the rest of me to be is much