Fuse Testo

Testo Fuse

?Of course you know what a fuse is...??It's a long piece of cord impregnated with gun powder??When you strike a match and light it??It burns, fitfully, sputteringly to it's end??At which there is, a little surprise?Krypton, short suit MCs you'll be ripped onYou fell off and it's my lyric sheet you just slipped onGet gone, spit on mic's made in Hong KongRock on, sing songs, we?re mightier than King KongA donkey, you think you want me or want this Want some, hold your reputation for ransomWith these here, handsomely crafted tacticsTo break a snake and see like a cheap profilacticGalactic, space now, yeah that grabs attentionCrackheads nodded like a pest can't even mentionRight a pest traps gas tracks in sectionsKid steps this, he needs witness protectionTrying to see while I?Can you see it?I'll be hereTrying to see while I?If you see itI'll be hereIt was the junkyard crooked letter C-I-entificDuck us, the ruckus I'll bring stings your eardrumHear one, lalala loose, find me fearsomeOpposing troops on my home front shall be goneTesting the eight-hundred, eighteenth batallionShall I go on, cruise run like rebelsEnola Gay rhymes kicked the notch up a levelIn intesity, send back attacks that you sent to meBlow up your spot with grenades that were meant for meMP3 versus R33 MCsSwiss cheese your gear putting shrapnel in the breezeWe're lead MCs with enemy companiesWith my hand full of lyrics talking 'bout ?you want these??Please, don't even speak the name of channelsAnd low gadget mic shit, put it down like pens For my friends and my fam?Let them dodge it aroundThis mic shot through the back of an MC?s handWith the strength that he had a bridgeYou don't want that, close body fields in hand to hand combatBattle cats, it's like the sectional speech warfare words, slash cordsP4A lyrical shots get ripped don't question my intention when your butt gets kickedTrying to see while I If you see itI'll be hereTech broke italic syllabalic attacksTrying to see while IIf you see itI'llbe hereYou want these MCs lyrically back smacksWhy wait, I didn't look down myself (8x)Trying to see while I If you see itI'll be hereYou want these MCs lyrically back smacks