Spin Testo

Testo Spin

I want to pick up the pieces, so that There's less complication, so that There's less conversation, and Less aggravation I want to go out alone, man, so that There's less confrontation, and man, There's less association, and Less company, yeah I was so frustrated, man, that I was all confused, man, and that I was disillusioned, and sick of your friends (Chorus) Run, don't walk my way Don't look my way Cause I don't care, oh, no So why are you still here Why don't you disappear And spin out of my life, oh Why do we have limitation, and man Why do we have limitation, so that We don't get very far, and so that We don't climb very high I can't handle the indecision, and I can't watch no more television, and I won't miss you when you're gone Cause I know my life will go on (Chorus)