Thanx Aus MeTeora Testo

Testo Thanx Aus MeTeora

Brad thanks: Thank you to all the exeptional, wonderfull caring people in my life who have supported me in my creative and personal endeavors. I'm lucky to have you. Thank you to all the fans who continue to inspire and enable us to pursure our dream. Thankyou to everyone who works to make the world a better place. Peace,BBB Chester thanks: I'd like to thank my wife Samantha for having our baby and putting up with me. And most of all I'd like to thank our fans for supporting us and being the best fans in the world. Phoenix thanks: God, Linsey (your love and support makes this all possible for me), my Mom, Dad, Vicky, Tyler, my bigest fan Joe, Anne, Beauford, Copa, and the whole farrel and Braeuning families. To both ma LA and OC crewa... Thank you for your friendship. And ofcourse big love to my brothers, Chaz, BBB, Shinnizle, Bourdi Mr. Hahn and the whole LP crew... Joe thanks: I would like to thank god for giving me another opportunity to share our musik with people. Thanks to my family & friends for all the love and support. Thank you to all the bandmates for being so hardworking and talented. WE did it. Respect to all who struggeled to be creative - you make the world a better place. Thanks to Matt Caltabiano & family, Joby Barnhardt. Janet & Reagan @ Villains, Patrik Tatopolous, Mario Mares, Xoeic, Dj Rock Rock, Poetnamelife, Zoran Miller, Raffi @ Ecko, Andew Orloff, Ryan Thompson and Jeremy Reed Mike thanks: Anna, Mom, Dad, and Jay for being my foundation; my favorite painter in the world, Corey Sandelious; My Grandmother Lydia; all the Shinoda and Laveyou families; Mark Wakefield, 007; Sofie; Ferg; Carolyn; Morgan and 3-Toe the Street Team, The UNderground, and all our fans. to everyone supporte love and peace, be active in breaking down divisions and stereotypes, and help those who are in need. Thanks for your support. Rob thanks: I would like to thank my family and friends for all their love, and support. I'm grateful to have all of you in my life (you know who you are.) A special thanks to Patty, Greg, Dr.D, Ness, Ben, Allen Agler, Mike, The Bull, Stefano (BEE-PA), and to all of the fans: Street team and Linkin Park Underground