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Testo Anal Action Wife

Plastic bitch, made of rubber. She's my chic, and I'll
fuck her. Often in her virgin, tight pink ass. But she
breaks, need another full time slit, real is better. Fuck
me or I'll kill you, suck my dick. I stick something
thats sharp up your butt, then slice. You'll feel nothing
as I rape your cunt to death. Now I rip your spine right
out your... Use the shit for lube thats on my... Now your
ass is mine. A tapestry of carcass. Phlem and pulp
splatter your nightmares... or dreams. Ripped of sin. I
eviscerate the bitch in her tight pink rectum. Sucked my
dick, milked my load out. Please sir quit, not until I'm
done with your tight virgin, loosened ass. Cut your tits,
blood shoots on my rock hard prick, done with you I dump
you in the river, leave you there.