My Cock It Bleeds Testo

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Testo My Cock It Bleeds

Sadomastic, necrophobic, raping of the dead, my cock it bleeds (my cock it bleeds) from your rank ass
cunt! Puncture wounds are seeping, ozzing, cock dripping with rectal cum, on your face I wipe my cock,
smell the stench, I vomit! With my tongue I lick it up, twisted corpse drenched in cum, entrails used as
trophies, mark of man, evil now displayed! Rectal seeps, ass sliced open, stepped over the edge of
insanity, whore (whore), I smite you with my cock! Conforting, anal sores, on my dick puss it flows!
Beating with a hangar across the face, stupid bitch hanging on a hook, geyser flows, blood spilling on
the walls, mark of man, evil now displayed, carving your cavity, eager to mutilate!