Orgasmic Flesh Feed Testo

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Testo Orgasmic Flesh Feed

Face down in the bowl of stench
Fleshpot of ecstasy if you will
Appendages spasm in delight
Continuous lapping
Taste buds destroyed from acidic juices
Sweat and cunt dripping

All at once
Vertebrae arching
Genitalia flush orgasmic soup
Strength doubled
She spasms my head deep in the hole

In excitement I've bitten the clit
Blood trickles down the thigh
Did she notice
The screaming so loud
Thrusting violently
Pain mistaken for pleasure
Again I indulge in her flesh
Bite after Bite
Deeper in the lusting socket
Consuming the flesh

Each piece more rancid than the last
Cunnilingus turned sexual buffet
She has broken my skin with her digging nails
Sweat finding wounds to sting
No longer licking just constant feeding
With predator like frenzy

Orifice now destroyed
My prey no longer moving
How quickly she bled to death
I wipe her from my face
Matted with blood, flesh, and hair
1 realize I was never brought to orgasm
The selfish bitch deserved to die
As she lies dead with eyes wide open