Raped For Rent Testo

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Testo Raped For Rent

You're a whore on the floor, on your knees, sucking dick for a fee
Stupid bitch, turning tricks, makes me sick, all the cum that you drink
In the night, feeling night, with this knife, gonna take what is mine
When I'm done you will know how it feels, to be used like some meat

Senseless victim
Lust for free
Raped for rent then
Stripped and robbed
All your screams for help go, unheard
All the tears your crying, won't help
Beg me now for mercy, no chance
Better dead and buried, slut no more

Don't you wish you fucked me?
When you had the chance too to late

You will know
How I feel about you, bitch

Now you know you will see
The fine art of dissection
Tie you up like a pig
Make you scream the redemption

Choke you on
My huge dick
As I cum
Make your choice on my, make you choke on my dick

I'll enjoy fucking your face

Crushing your skull
Brain matter seeps

Stench of your death
Screams of your agony

Just like your dreams

You'll die a worthless death