Second Cumming (Pussy Lover Part II) Testo

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Testo Second Cumming (Pussy Lover Part II)

[Music: Lividity; Lyrics: Bishop, Kibler]

This dick was made for sucking
And that's just what you'll do
One of these days this dick is going
To cum all over you
Face splattered with semen
Crusty once again
Dick now throbbing in your face
Now suck it you whore
Pussy lover, God I love it
Pussy lover, got to fuck it
Pussy lover, had it before
Pussy lover, have it again
Pussy lover, the second cumming
Pussy lover, is always better
Pussy lover, make you submit
Pussy lover, to my hugh girth
God my nuts
Feel like exploding
Jizz will start flowing
As I cum into your face
Still rock hard
Bitch, just keep jerking
Cum will keep spurting
Till my nuts dry up
Fuck you hard with the rusty knife that I found yesterday
Take you to my house and slice your cunt in two
Cumming in your face... Oh, how it excites me
Bet you think I'm done?!
Ripping the flesh
Gaze upon me
Cock in your twat
Fist deep in your asshole
Morning never comes, for light you will not see
All you need is death, all you see is blood
Screams beneath my balls, begging me to stop
No remorse at all, I grow stiff from your pain