No Strings Testo

Testo No Strings

[Chorus: Grouch]
No strings are attached
This is who I am
My rap is not an act
I am my own man

I don't want it to be how it used to be
I want it to be how it is now
A lot of people wanna see what they're used to seeing
I show those people I'm a good damn human being
Man of the earth
Free thinkin' first
Then comparin' notes
With the ones that you wrote
I don't live for votes
I tally my own quotes
You rally in the alley with your style-ee on dope
I got respect for that
Someone should write you a check for that
It's my movie, I wear the director's hat
You've got creative control though
I'll hit you off later with the paper let's roll
It's all soul
Music, I love it
Make it in my home replicate it for the public
Then spread it
Through our own company's
that are headed
By our own fuckin' homies
Nobody owns me
My mom named me Corey
Sam called me a number, had to tell 'em my story
I love life, my wife and break molds
I'm on the dice, feels right, take hold


(Why would you wanna try to break down this?) [x3]
(Why would you wanna try?)

I'm from the burrito truck village
His trunk, you could feel it
Pain can't heal it
Rain might wash you away
To L.A., plastic face temple
Don't generalize, there's none in South Central
Add it together
I'm mad at the weather
That's just for starters
Never had it better
It must be the cheddar
Cheese on my sandwich
I pay extra for that, just like I planned it
My boat landed
We're both stranded
I wrote candid
But you can understand it though
Never been branded
Spit it how I penned it
From the ground up
I do what not many men did
Careers open-ended
For years shows attended
My peers, stay open minded
They go rewind it.
From Diego to New York
True dedication make it work put it in Quark
Recycle it
Homie beat juggle it
Do it your way and see how big the bubble gets
Cause that's the shit!

(Why would you wanna try to break down this?) [x3]
(Why would you wanna try?)

(We getting better baby!
Ain't no stopping us now!
Living Legends baby!
We on top of the pile!) [x3]